Econsultancy's Guide to
The Internet of Things

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The Internet of Things promises the potential of a more frictionless world where many decisions and actions are automated to make our lives better and easier.

Econsultancy's Guide to The Internet of Things provides an overview of the current state of the industry and explains the role of the IoT as part of the trend towards ubiquitous computing, including how it relates to mobile, wearable technology, cloud computing and Big Data. 

The Internet of Things refers to the connection of physical objects to the internet and thereby to each other and the environment. To enable this to happen, electronics and software are included in an object giving it an ability to network and communicate with other devices.  This holds out the possibility of that object offering enhanced value and service for businesses and consumers alike.

Ofcom, the independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries, declared in January 2015 that there are already more than 40m devices connected via the IoT in the UK alone. This is forecast to grow more than eight-fold by 2022, with hundreds of millions of devices carrying out more than a billion daily data transactions.

IoT can be seen as part of the field of ubiquitous computing – a future where the term ‘computer’ is no longer relevant as technology is interwoven into everyday life in a seamless and frictionless way.

Computing will be available any time, any place and anywhere. 


About the Internet of Things

  • Understanding the Internet of Things and how it fits with the trends of mobile, ubiquitous computing, wearable technology, mobile, cloud computing and big data.
  • Predictions on market size and what might speed up or slow adoption.
  • Why the Internet of Things is a maturing market and coming of age.
  • Examples from different industries including: fitness, wellness, healthcare, infotainment, industry and military, fashion, smartwatches, financial, gaming, childcare and pets.
  • The breadth of opportunity afforded to businesses, including revenues, brand extension, customer service and advertising.


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