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Welcome to the sixth and final report in Econsultancy's  ‘Masters of CX’ series.

Many executives are overwhelmed by the rate of change in the digital space. Little wonder they may even give up trying to understand what drives customers these days. But have consumer needs really changed that much? They haven’t. Marketers have just been immersed in a hundred years of mass advertising and are blind the real reasons customers buy from us.

If you strip away the smartphones, iPads and wearable devices, our innate needs are familiar, even innate. In fact, the desires of the always-on digital native may be identical to their ancestors in the first marketplaces 1,000 years ago.

In this final Masters of CX report, Mark W. Schaefer explores his theory that the foundations of the ultimate customer experience were created in these medieval marketplaces. Sound strange? Download the report and see if you agree…


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Jay Baer

Ted Rubin

Lee Odden

Jay has spent 20 years in digital marketing, consulting for more than 700 companies. His second book, Youtility: Why Smart Marketing is About Help not Hype, was #3 on the New York Times business best seller list.

Jay's Masters of CX report "Winning Hearts in Real-Time" is out now.

Mitch Joel

Brian Clark

Mark Schaefer

Mark is a globally-recognized blogger, speaker, educator, business consultant, and author who writes for {grow} — one of the top marketing blogs of the world.

Mark's Masters of CX report "The Ultimate Customer Experience was Created 1,000 Years Ago"  is out now.

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Empower your Employees to Power Your Customer Experience

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Final report out now: 

by Mark W. Schaefer (published 3 December)

The Ultimate Customer Experience
was Created 1,000 years ago

Masters of CX webinar

Lee is co-founder and CEO of TopRank Online Marketing and the author of Optimize: How to Attract and Engage More Customers by Integrating SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing .

Lee's Masters of CX report "Influence the Influencers - The Magic of Co-Created Content"  is out now.

Brian is a serial entrepreneur based in Boulder, Colorado. He’s the founder and CEO of Copyblogger Media, and the host of the New Rainmaker podcast.

Brian's Masters of CX report "Beyond the Sale: An Owned Media Approach to Customer Experience" is out now.

Ted is a leading Social Marketing Strategist and Keynote Speaker, writing ‘Return on Relationship’ in 2013.

Ted's Masters of CX report "Empower your Employees to Power your Customer Experience" is out now.

Mitch is President of Twist Image – a WPP owned digital marketing agency. Marketing Magazine dubbed him the "Rock Star of Digital Marketing" and called him, "one of North America's leading digital visionaries."

Mitch's Masters of CX report "Why Brands are Stuck on Like and Failing at Love" is out now.

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