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The Social Simulator

Social Media Crisis Simulation

Running a social media crisis simulation can help organisations achieve the following: 

Establish roles in a crisis situation for handling social media

Social media is the key communication channel between brand and consumer. It's quick, public and can have a huge impact on brand perception in the market.

One of the keys to successful social media crisis management is pre-crisis planning. 

Using an advanced platform, Econsultancy can simulate how quickly a crisis spreads on social media and the resulting impact on a brand's reputation. Giving your teams the experience to act on their crisis plans in a private and safe environment.






Practice switching from day-to-day social media handling roles into crisis mode, where volumes of incoming material and media interest are much greater 

Rehearse processes for clearing lines, publishing statements and handling enquiries online

Identify areas of weakness for improvement

Optimise the speed of response in the event of a real incident 

Platforms include Twitter, Facebook, blogs and video. 

 The Simulator works with groups from 2-50 and can take place on-site or remotely across multiple locations.

 The platform is hosted on its own isolated server with commercial grade security. 

We can simulate scenarios such as: an unexpected global event, substandard product backlash, data breaches or hacks or sudden large scale incidents within the business.

Test crisis plans

Train teams

Identify areas of weakness for improvement