Digital Marketing in the Legal Sector

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An increasingly digital economy has been a boon for lawyers, with more work available for those that work in, amongst other things, copyright law, mergers and acquisitions, media and communications, ‘digital disruption’, consumer law, international law and with regulatory bodies. 

Despite this awareness of change, many feel law firms have seemed slow to embrace digital communications when compared to other sectors.

Econsultancy have partnered with The Lawyer for the latest research,  'Digital Marketing in the Legal Sector', to bring you key-insights from marketing, digital and communications professionals in the legal sector on their firms current activity and priorities, as well as challenges and best practice.  

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Digital has fundamentally changed the way we do business and for those working in the legal sector, the opportunities are immense. To enable delivery of your digital vision or help you shape that vision, we’ve designed a comprehensive approach to tackle your transformation.  
Covering everything from strategic operational issues (buy-in from partners) down to specific marketing functions, (data, CRM, email marketing), we will work with you to achieve digital excellence.
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The Business Leadership Report, which also includes  the 'Digital Marketing in the Legal Sector' research, is a ‘must-have’ for any provider that wants to know what its clients are really thinking when it comes to selling legal services.

It focuses on the growing range of alternative legal services and innovations provided by both traditional firms and new model law entrants,  quizzes clients on their attitudes towards these services, their uptake of them as well as pinpointing which are head and shoulders above the rest.

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The Lawyer Business Leadership Report 2015

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