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The sharing economy for customer insight

in association with Salesforce

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Second-Party Data

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Second-Party Data

The Sharing Economy for Customer Insight

First-party data is the most valuable asset in marketing, but it’s inherently limited to customers we interact with. How do marketers take advantage of its accuracy and insights at scale?

In this trends briefing, produced in association with Salesforce, we examine the possibilities for second-party data; first-party data from partners that is shared with outside parties.

Customer data has to be treated carefully, regardless of the source. There are multiple considerations before supplementing your own databases with information from partner companies. 

Access the Second-party Data report to learn what second-party data is good for, its use-cases, an unexpected opportunity in walled gardens, its value in lookalike modeling, and whether your organization is ready to become a data-vendor.

Consider using this report in conjunction with our Marketing in the Dark series for a fuller understanding of the big-data picture as it exists today; access that report here.


Second-Party Data
The Sharing Economy for Customer Insight

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